On 10.12.12 new regulations were introduced which amended the maximum age of a Qualifying Child.  From this date, if a child is in full time further education, or work based training scheme - they will be entitled to receive maintenance payments until the age of 20. This will apply to CS1, CS2 and CS3 cases.

If a case has been closed because the child had reached the previous maximum age of 19, but is still under the age of 20, and is in full time education - the PWC has the right to reapply to the Agency for maintenance to be paid. Because CS3 legislation is still only available to a limited group of people, any applicaiton made at the moment will be assessed on CS2. 

A discussion as to whether a 20 year old person could be considered a "child" took place on our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/CSAhelp where the consensus was an objection to the definition of a "child" as opposed to the actual decision to increase the time for which maintenance was payable.  Support was given to the idea that after a certain age child support should be paid to the person directly, and not the PWC.