We are pleased to report yet another successful case of preventing the enforcement of a completely invalid debt. 

Several weeks ago an NRP contacted us following threats of enforcement against a decision that he had continued to dispute for over 2 years.  Court action was now in progress to apply for a Charging Order against his property with a view to forcing the sale of the property. 

Having received and studied the files for the case, we were able to establish that the Agency's decision had been made with a complete disregard of their legislation.  Having raised this query with the Agency, we have today received confirmation that their decision is wrong and work is now underway to recalculate the decision which will completely remove the outstanding debt.

We cannot always promise such an outcome, but if clients have been engaged in ongoing disputes for many years, requesting your Data Protection files may help to support the challenges you have raised.  You can find a draft letter for requesting your files here