December 2012 saw the introduction of a third system of child maintenance calculation (CS3), made available only to parents with 4 or more children to the same NRP.  CS3 will shortly be available to parents with 2 or more children to the same NRP, and we anticipate it being available to all new applications by end of 2013 or early 2014, although no dates have been confirmed as yet.  Once the scheme has been available to all new applications for a while - and any teething problems addressed, the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) will target existing CS1 and CS2 cases for case closure.

The process for closure will involve a letter being issued to both parents notifying them of the date that their case is set to close.  There will be a notice period allowing parents time to seek advice about the options available to them.  The existing CS1/CS2 case will close on the notified date, by which time either a private arrangement will have to be in place, or a new application to CS3 will be required.  

The program for case closures will be:

Group One:      Clerical cases.  As these are more costly to administer, they are the first group to be targetted for case closure.

Group Two:      CS1 cases.  Government anticipate that by this time, most cases assessed under the CS1 (old rules) system will end naturally because of the age of the children involved.

Group Three:   CS2 cases.  This will be the last group to be targetted for closure, so will be a few years away.

The program for closure is set to have completed by 2017 - with all child maintenance cases being assessed on one single scheme by this date.