Some weeks ago a gentleman contacted NACSA following correspondences from the CSA advising of their intention to commit him to prison for non payment of child maintenance.   Having looked into the case it was clear that the debt being pursued was incorrect, and such enforcement action was unwarranted.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of finance, the client was unable to instruct the legal representation that was advised, and so one of our team carried out her own research and provided as much guidance and support as possible to steer the client through the court process.

Following the recent Karoonian and Gibbons decision, details of which can be found here , it was argued that the Agency was not in a position to proceed with this action and called for the Agency to present their case which would justify their action.  The hearing was adjourned with further Directions, and the final hearing was scheduled for 16.04.13.

We are pleased to report that the case was dismissed from the courts and no order for committal was granted. We are confident this would not have been the outcome without the support and guidance provided by Laura.

Work still needs to be completed on the case to correct the errors identified, and to ensure any outstanding debt is correct. We are now working with the client to ensure this process is completed with no further complications.