Reactive Transition

The new CS3 scheme is now available to all new applications.  Existing cases will remain on their current scheme until a case closure program commences from 2014.  However consideration is necessary for situations in which a parent is related to a party of a new application.  

A Receiving Parent can make a new application against a new Paying Parent and it not affect the original case, ie a Receiving Parent may have a CS1/CS2 case alongside a CS3 case.

If a CS3 application is made against a Paying Parent in an existing CS1/CS2 case, the existing case has to close and will be automatically transferred to the CS3 scheme, thus ensuring all cases of the Paying Parent are assessed under the CS3 system.  This is known as Reactive Transition

Reactive Transition will apply if:

  • A Paying Parent in an existing case has a new application made against them by another Receiving Parent. 
  • A partner of a Paying Parent is also a Paying Parent, and either of them are in receipt of Income Support, Income based Job Seekers Allowance, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance or Pension Credit.

Parents will receive notification that their existing case will automatically transfer to the new scheme, and that they will not need to engage in the normal application process.  No application fee will be charged for a Reactive Transition.

However, once the case closure program is underway, Reactive Transition will no longer be applicable.  If the circumstances as described above arise, the existing case will close after 30 days and the parents will need to consider their options for future maintenance.  Should they wish to apply to the CS3 scheme, the applicant will need to have the Gateway conversation with CMoptions and pay the application fee.