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We are the leading experts
in Child Support Law
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Delivering sound advice and guidance
for almost 30 years
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Leading advisory service to all parents,
family lawyers and advice services

We are experts in Child Support law

Decisions of the Child Maintenance Service can dramatically affect your family finances. When those decisions are wrong, there is a legal process to follow with strict timeframes. At times like this you need no nonsense advice from a trustworthy source, who has the knowledge and expertise to defend your case accurately. We take the turmoil out of dealing with CMS. For almost three decades, we have delivered straightforward advice and guidance to carefully steer parents through the complex process of child maintenance decisions. Our expertise has been instrumental in child support publications, presenting evidence to the Select Committee and delivering guidance to family solicitors.

Leading CMS
Advisory Service

CMS legislation is complex. Rules differ from one case to another, and simple mistakes can be costly, so it is important to receive accurate advice tailored to your specific circumstances. We provide advice to parents, family lawyers, advice services, and MPs.

Knowing that someone is listening, without judgement, can make all the difference to the management of your case. Clients often compliment our clear, easy to understand guidance, and report having “the weight taken off them”.

We cannot tell you to break the law – but we can tell you when CMS is not following the law.

Almost 30 years
helping parents

For almost 30 years we have helped parents and support services. We can help with any CMS related enquiry if you are:

  • A Paying Parent
  • A Receiving Parent
  • A Family Lawyer
  • An Advice or debt Service

But we cannot help with

  • Overseas Maintenance (where CMS has no jurisdiction in the case)
  • Making non-payers – pay. Only CMS have the legal right to enforce non-payment of child maintenance
  • Removing debt that is proven to be valid, although we can help to achieve a more manageable payment plan
  • We are not CMS – We cannot access your account as held by them.

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