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Our support starts with a Preliminary Consultation which allows us to discuss the specifics of your case and identify what, if any, aspects require further work. In many cases, you can take forward the necessary steps directly yourself, but we offer a range of additional services that can help you through your CMS journey.

Full Represention Service

We know how busy life can be generally, without the added complication of dealing with CMS. Our Full Representation Service allows one of our consultants to take over your case, and deal directly with CMS on your behalf. We will handle the day to day management of your case and advice you accordingly for any actions that may be necessary at any time. All child maintenance decisions will be checked for accuracy, and disputes raised where appropriate.

Tribunals Support

Some disputes must be referred to HM Courts and Tribunal Service to be fully investigated and resolved. A Tribunal is less formal than a court but is otherwise a part of the judiciary process.

Whether it is an appeal you have made, or an appeal you are contesting – preparation is key. You must understand the remit of the Tribunal and the boundaries that they are confined to. You must ensure your evidence supports your case. If you are involved in Tribunal proceedings, we cannot stress the importance of early advice. We offer initial guidance, as well as ongoing support and representation at Tribunal proceedings.

Debt & Full Case Audits

Parents can often spend years trying to resolve relatively simple issues but over that time the case becomes more entangled. This can be complicated further by CMS enforcement actions. Challenging decisions may not be possible if long periods of time have expired.

We offer two types of case Audits to help unravel the confusion both are based on case files that are requested under a Subject Access Request:

1. Our Debt Audit involves a partial study of the case files.

We extract the maintenance calculations from the files and provide a full breakdown of the information used in each decision, together with any details of any points that may need attention. We can identify any decisions that may require further enquiry with CMS, and the reasons why. Finally, we compare your record of payments against the charges made to produce a final outstanding balance.

If our alleged arrears balance varies from the figures stated by CMS, the report may highlight where the discrepancies are seen together with the necessary steps to take your challenge further.

2. Our Full Case Audit is an extensive study of the entire case history, and our report details why decisions were made, or not made.

This more in-depth audit is more appropriate for those with a complicated history, where changes may have been reported, or disputes raised but not acted upon.

Our Full Case Audit will provide you with a clear detailed report of the case activity and will extract any aspects that may require further investigation or enquiry with CMS.

Fixed Price

Alongside our regular services we also offer fixed price work for any other matter regarding CMS that may require our expert hand. From completing a variation form, to writing a complaint letter, or even helping you and your ex-partner create a Family Based Arrangement or settlement offer. If CMS are involved, we can help so why not give us a call.

Retained Service

Once all issues are resolved we offer a retained level of representation. Although we no longer manage your case daily, we remain on hand to check any new assessments received during the year. We provide you with an email confirming the details of the calculation and if there are matters that need to be challenged further. Should new issues develop, we can reinstate your Full Representation Service and take over the management again.

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